Wolf Signals, LLC

Repair companies do good work.  They are worth what you pay them.  We provide something different.  We provide traffic signal management.

There are times that you know something is wrong in the street.  The timings are off.  The light sometimes terminates early.  The progression is wrong on a set of signals.  Something is messing up your traffic and the public is giving you heck.  The mayor is giving you heck.  Your spouse is even complaining.  Then there's the newspaper article critical of your office.

You don't need a study.  You don't have the money to bring in a consulting firm.  You need someone to sit and figure out what's wrong.

We're the ones who manage the tough problems.  We'll get them off your desk.  We'll get your traffic flowing properly.

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Public Record Preservation Program materials

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Steve Wolf -- steve@wolfssignals.com -- (440) 823-4781

27132 Butternut Ridge Road, North Olmsted, Ohio 44070

Also:  see http://www.wolfslaw.com

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