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Traffic Signals and Accidents

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The common thread ... the traffic signal is never examined ...

Over my thirty-one years in law enforcement, a common thread with intersection-related accidents is that the traffic control signal is never examined.  So many times an attorney would call to ask if a particular light was operating properly.  The police answer, of course, was "yes".  The beat cop has no clue as to the status of the signal.  However, based on the evidence of his own experience, the signal was functioning fine when he or she was at the intersection.  Same will go for the municipal engineer.  "Yep, working fine."

The problem ... for both plaintiff and defendant ...

Both the plaintiff and defendant must examine the light.  Someone has to compare actual operation of the signal to what the municipality thinks the signal operation should be.  Someone needs to get the signal timings through discovery or open records.  Someone has to assess the operation.  Further, if there's something amiss, that has to be examined to determine what is wrong and why.

The solution ...

I am a thirty-one year veteran of a suburban Cleveland, Ohio police department.  Educated in electrical engineering, I possess degrees in public safety management, a masters in public administration and a juris doctor.  I am admitted to the practice of law in Ohio.  I have training in traffic signal design, construction, implementation and maintenance.  I was in charge of a traffic signal complex for twelve years.

Results ...

As your investigator, and if necessary your expert, I can

  • Request the proper data that will allow an understanding as to the operation of the intersection

  • Examine the data as to if it is appropriate for that intersection

  • Go to the intersection and examine the actual, real-time operation of the signal to assess if the signal is behaving as the municipality believes it should

  • Document the operation through professional imaging and video

  • Factually testify as to the operation of the signal and demonstrate that operation using video

  • Offer opinion testimony as to the operation of the signal

  • Consult on law enforcement topics

Then you will know if that signal played a part in your accident.

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